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"I love Nghe on the highest pillar, because I find it is very beautiful." Vu Duc Quang said. He is from Hanoi KLF kindergarten located at 1, Le Duc Tho street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.  Vu Duc Quang and his classmates participated in the education program highlighting holy creatures on ancient architecture at the Temple of Literature.

The cultural heritage education program exploring holy creatures took place this morning with great enthusiasm and excitement. The children were interested in learning about many different holy animals on the architectural works of the Temple of Literature. Every holy animal contains an interesting story.



Huong Giang showed her picture of a phoenix that she made and shared what she just learned through the education program: "This is a phoenix with a big tail, and this is a flower". Mrs. Le Thu Huong (education official at the landmark) instructed the students to print pictures on Do paper.  She said that girls are like phoenix animals, so the girls all choose to print phoenix pictures. The phoenix in oriental culture is a bird that symbolizes virtue and nobility. The girls of KLF Hanoi kindergarten are very impressed with this beautiful phoenix image.

The boys are excited with the majestic creatures like tigers and dragons. Minh Duc was very impressed with the tiger. He said he saw the tiger in the zoo and it is a very strong and intelligent animal.


By learning about the power of tigers in the wild, the children learned why images of tigers appear in temples, pagodas and communal houses. The tiger in the sculpture of "The Tiger going down the mountain" at the gate of Van Mieu also means that the talented person would bring his strength to help the country.



Minh Tu especially liked dragons, because dragons can fly and have power. The children noticed many dragons at the Temple of Literature: dragons on the roof, dragons on the steps, at the foot of the pillars and dragons on the stele. Children also learn how to distinguish dragon heads, dragon claws, dragon  bodies ... What a refreshing and exciting discovery.


Ms. Nguyen Thuy Hang, Vice Rector of KLF Hanoi Kindergarten said: “This is the second time we organized a cultural heritage education program at the Temple of Literature. Today, we chose this theme with the hope that the children will recognize the creatures on the ancient architecture of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam”. She also shared that: "The experience today makes the children very happy and excited."



2019 - 11 - 05

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