January 29, 2019, the Opening ceremony of Spring Calligraphy Festival 2019 took place at Van Lake, Van Mieu-Quoc tu Giam relic

The Spring Calligraphy Festival 2019 will take place from January 29, 2019 to February 17, 2019. The space is well organized. There are 60 bamboo tents of calligraphers. Besides, there are also tents of artisans of traditional crafts, including Do paper, folk paintings, flower, bonsai trees, ceramics. Moreover, during the festival, visitors can participate in other interesting folk games.

In particular, to improve  the understanding of calligraphy of people, the civilization calligraphy exhibition was also organized, nearly 30 calligraphy works were displayed around Van Lake. The Organization Board selected the best calligraphy works and awarded to the authors of those works

New year is coming, the people of the capital and visitors have the opportunity to admire the beautiful handwriting and feel the warmth and bustle at Van Lake, Van Mieu-Quoc tu Giam relic. The Spring Calligraphy Festival has truly become a meaningful cultural event for the people of the capital in the new year.


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