Preserving the tradition of "Drinking water, remembering its source", "paying respect for teachers" and  “fondness for learning”; On the occasion of the 354th anniversary of the birth of Thám hoa Vu Thanh (1664-2018), the Center for Scientific and Cultural Activities Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam cooperated with the Vu-Vo Family to organize the Scientific Workshop "Thám hoa Vu Thanh - Life and Career" in the Front Building on 12/12/2018. (Thám hoa-the third highest academic title in the old educational system of Vietnam)

                                                           Discussing  at the seminar

At the workshop, scientists from the research centers and universities and representatives of the Vu family focused on discussing and evaluating the contributions of Vu Thanh Thanh to Vietnamese culture, the education  and especially the values ​​he left for the present culture and education. Among the speeches on the personality, talents and contributions of Vu Thanh for posterity, Prof, Dr. Vu Minh Giang highlighted his talent and his personality in education during his lifetime: "... making a great contribution to education, he created a school that not only teaches general knowledge but teaches people the right way to live. For a long time we have only access to book-learning, but we are in the 4.0 age, information is everywhere, not just in the school so people need to be taught how to think and how to be good. Vu Thanh is not only a good example of talent but also morals.. "

Scientific Workshop "Thám hoa Vu Thanh - Life and Career" not only look back to a famous person in the history of Vietnam; The workshop also left many valuable lessons for all generations to follow, motivating the younger generations to follow their predecessors, preserving and promoting the good traditions of the nation.

Translator: Chuong Van



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