The Final competition “Join us to become a Trạng Nguyên in your 13” funded by Đức Việt and Miwon companies took place for the fifth time, 2019.

In two days (3-4, January), Dan Tri Publishing House cooperated with agencies to organize The Final competition “Join us to become a Trang Nguyen (Ph.Doctor) in your 13” at the Văn Miếu-Quốc Tử Giám. (Trạng nguyên is an academic title given to the best candidate of the Royal examination which was held to select Ph.Doctors)

The competition that was funded by Đức Việt and Miwon companies took place in two days. During first day, candidates competed in 5 subjects: Maths, Literature, History, English and life skills.  The exam format simulates the one that was applied in the past. Candidates sat independently in Thai Hoc yard, each was provided with a table and a mat and received no help.

Candidates took theory test .

During the second day, candidates with excellent test scores took part in an Interview that was to select the best candidate who would be given an academic title called Trạng nguyên, and  the second best candidates would be given the title Đệ nhị Trạng nguyên.

Finally,the competition could select one best candidate that was awarded the academic title Đệ nhất Trạng nguyên; two second best candidates Đệ nhị Trạng nguyên; six Trạng nguyên; fourteen Bảng nhãn and twenty-four Thám hoa.



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