On September 7, 2018, the scientific seminar about “Scholar Hoang Trinh Thanh with the policy to improve the nation” will take place at Thai Hoc house located at the special national landmark Van Mieu – Quoc tu Giam.  The seminar is organized by The Centre for Scientific and Cultural Activities Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam, the preservation fund for Cultural Heritage of Viet Nam and the Hoang family in Da Si village (Kien Hung precinct, Ha Dong district, Hanoi).

   (Photo: Incense offering to the sages)

Scholar Hoang Trinh Thanh (1411- 1463) came from Da Si village (Kien Hung precinct, Ha Dong district, Hanoi).

In 1431, he passed Hoang Tu exam and was appointed as Ngự tiền học sinh. He worked as a mandarin for 36 years, and worked for four Kings: Le Thai To, Le Thai Tong, Le Nhan Tong and Le Thanh Tong. He was sent to China as the King’s envoy in 1443 and 1459.

In 1462, King Le Thanh Tong issued an edict to ask for policy to build and develop a stable nation. Scholar Hoang Trinh Thanh submitted seven ideas to improve the country.

The Seminar


  1. Translator: Le Huong 


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