Hanoi Temple of literature was created under the LY Thanh Tong, 2nd Than Vu era year Canh Tuat(1070) was the place of worship KHONG TU, Chu Cong and Tu Phoi (four outstanding student of Khong Tu is Nhan Tu, Tang Tu, Tu Tu and Manh Tu), and 72 people (72 Confucianist tertiary was typical Sage) at the same time is where Crown Prince Lý Càn Đức to learn ...


On 27th April, the finals for the 16th “Little Trang Nguyen” and “Beautiful Writing – Elegant Personality” contests were held at the Special National Relic Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam by Nhi Dong Newspaper and sponsored by Hong Ha Stationery Joint Stock Company. These contests are organized annually for primary school students in Vietnam.

The competitions were participated by 244 participants from 7 to 10 years old, including 131 students from Hanoi and 113 students from 20 provinces and cities across the country such as Hai Duong, Thai Binh and Ho Chi Minh city. This year, there were 135 contestants taking part in the 16th “Little Trang Nguyen” and 109 contestants in the “Beautiful Writing – Elegant Personality” competition, which aims at finding students with the best handwriting.

At the final round of the contest, participants of “Little Trang Nguyen” are required to pass three tests, which are Math, Vietnamese and Science. Children with the highest scores in each age group will continue with the comportment contest.

Figure 1: Students attending the written contest

Figure 2: Student attending the comportment contest

“Little Trang Nguyen” has become an impressive education event as the simulation of the tradition Dinh exam is applied with the use of tents, banquet hats and elaborate procession. Throughout 16 years of development, the Special National Relic Van Mieu – Quoc  Tu Giam has been chosen as the venue of the competition as it was the First University in Vietnam and also the place where a lot of Vietnamese talents were developed and honored. Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam contains the cultural quintessence of many historical periods, indicating the traditional values of Vietnam. Hence, students have the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful historical values ​​and continue the learning tradition, following previous generations. Moreover, this year, organizers have brought into the program many meaningful activities such as giving traditional dresses and calligraphy to students attending the competition.

Figure 3: Organizers giving calligraphy for students

The program has attracted much concern from students, teachers and primary school students nationwide. Especially, in order to preserve and honor the beauty of Vietnamese as well as showing the national pride, the organizers has awarded 4 more prizes for winners in Vietnamese test. Hence, in 2018, there were 8 first prizes, 16 second prizes, 25 third prizes and 87 consolation prizes in “Little Trang Nguyen” contest while in “Beautiful Writing – Elegant Personality”, there were 4, 12, 16 and 77 prizes respectively.


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