Hanoi Temple of literature was created under the LY Thanh Tong, 2nd Than Vu era year Canh Tuat(1070) was the place of worship KHONG TU, Chu Cong and Tu Phoi (four outstanding student of Khong Tu is Nhan Tu, Tang Tu, Tu Tu and Manh Tu), and 72 people (72 Confucianist tertiary was typical Sage) at the same time is where Crown Prince Lý Càn Đức to learn ...


Grade 10 students from Quang Trung High School, Đống Đa district, Ha Noi participated in a heritage education program at the Special National Landmark Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam. This education program creates many meaningful activities for high school students.

Part 1: Students learnt about the relics of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam and offered incense to the sages and the teacher Chu Van An;

(Photo: Education staff and students are learning  about the history of the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam)

Part 2: The students were very proud to be admitted to the The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. They were praised by the Head of School and their parents' representatives, giving gifts to members and students with outstanding achievements in their studies and union work. The students of 10D felt very proud and touched.

(Photo: The students are very proud to be admitted to the The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union)

Part 3: The students participated in activities at the monuments. This part of the day gave students lots of interesting surprises. This included participating in a mysterious discovery journey: Finding sacred creatures in the ancient architecture at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam. There are many sacred creatures that the students were familiar with. Today the students learnt the meanings behind these, focusing on the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam. "Why does this experience program help our students to be so united" – the students work in teams and without teamwork the students could not find all the interesting and rewarding meanings learnt throughout the day.

(Photo: Students in the discovery room with education staff)

(Photo: the students are working  in teams and exploring with the enthusiastic guidance of the education staff)

(Photo: The groups of students are also very proactive and united in the experience of finding goals)

(Photo: Discussion is also a positive way for us to shorten the time to conquer challenges)

(Photo: The presence of the education staff always brings many interesting and unexpected things in this discovery journey)

(Photo: Peaceful green space suddenly throbbed, excited  by the faces of eager students, excited to find hidden cultural unknowns)

(Photo: Observing, discussing , and identifying are the skills which students  use throughout the journey)

(Photo: The end is that they record and evaluate the results)

(Photo:For the first time, students are learnt about traditional printing techniques on Do pages)

(Photo: It is interesting and meaningful to have a product created by my own!)

The program together under the enthusiastic guidance of the Education Officers (Department of Education and Communication, the Center for Scientific and Cultural Activities Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam) has guided the students with learning new skills in teamwork, observation and identification of objects. It has helped these students learn more about the value of the unique cultural heritage of the monument that our ancestors left for them. 

Writer: Dang Anh Van

Translator: Le Thu Huong

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