On September 16, 2018, Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Mr. Emil Karannikolov visited the Special National Landmark Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam.

(Welcoming the Bulgarian Minister in front of the main gate)

During his visit, he and his delegation listened to the introduction of the history and development periods of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam-the most outstanding Landmark in Hanoi and the country as well. He showed a deep admiration for Vietnamese traditional fondness for learning; the way to recruit talented students and the tradition of respect for the talented. Particularly, he spent most of his time viewing the Doctor Steles which are stone masterpieces which illustrate highly developed periods of Confucian education in Vietnam during monarchical time.

(The Bulgarian Minister visited stone steles)

When he visited the Thai Hoc Section where the statue of Head Master Chu Van An is worshipped, he expressed his deep appreciation for the Head Master’s talent and uprightness.

On his departure, Mr. Emil expressed his wish that the Landmark would be always well preserved as it is being now and attract more and more domestic and overseas visitors; and that more and more people in the world would gain greater understanding of Vietnamese traditional values.

Translator: Chuong Van



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