Plant care and landscape protection have become a priority of heritage conservation planning of  Van  Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam.  This focus helps promote the value and the potential of the Landmark so visitors can take advantage of all it offers.

Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam- one of the outstanding historical and cultural landmarks of Hanoi and throughout the nation, attracts a great number of tourists every year. To develop the Landmark in the right way, the Center for Scientific and Cultural Activities was founded in 1988 with the aim of administering, and conserving the Relic; especially taking care of plants and protecting the landscape.

The green Landmark seen from above

Before 1988, most of the buildings were in bad condition and disrepair: their components were rotten, the tiles on the roofs were in disorder; and the yards and gardens easily became flooded after heavy rains. Moreover, the residents living near Van Lake tended to occupy the area around Van Lake which was very bad-smelling and filled with trash. In addition, plants were overgrown and covered the main paths and trees had not received constant care. Thai Hoc Section looked more like a wasteland which was a venue for undesirable people living nearby. They are drug users, gamblers and the homeless.

Following the foundation of the Center, the Center immediately worked out a plan to improve the whole Landmark. Particularly, the top priority was given to the renovation of buildings and protection of landscape. Between 1992 and 1998, a system of water pipes, 4 ponds and Thien Quang Well were improved and cleaned out. Trees, rest-rooms and paths were also taken care of and renovated.

In 2000, new buildings were built on the former ground of Quoc Tu Giam School(now Thai Hoc area), which connects the last area with 4 other ones. The Department of Environmental Protection and Maintenance was founded shortly thereafter. From that point on, the maintenance and environmental protection was given prominence to the overall care of the landmark. Every day, plants are attended to and watered. Different kinds of flowers and bonsai trees are decorated seasonally or on special occasions and public holidays like Lunar Tet holiday.

 A part of Thien Quang Well

Nowadays, the Landmark is always kept clean. Since 2016, the area around Van Lake and the main gate has improved. The two land plots in front of the ticket booths are always seasonally decorated with green grass cover and flowers. The decoration is carefully calculated making the entrance gate more appealing but convenient for visitors. In addition, noticeable twin dustbins have been placed in convenient places to aid in keeping the whole landmark super clean. Along with this, a system of warning signs and signposts help visitors to raise their consciousness of environmental protection.

Particularly, the Center built a new system of restrooms which are supplied with ventilation fans, fresh flowers and air-fresheners to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for tourists. The new sanitary block is outfitted with rooms specifically reserved for disabled tourists.

In an attempt to perfect the Landmark, staffs have worked hard to make it more and more appealing to visitors.

Translator: Chuong Van


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